Newcastle Youth Club AGM minutes


In Attendance

Declan Lonergan, Jody Garry, Yvonne Tougher, Sinead McInerney, Siobhan Kerr, Jaime Fox ,Helen Ryan,Barbara Hayden, Sarah Coventry, Faye Kinsella, Carol Murphy, John Kinsella, Claire Kinsella, Alpana Delaney, Grace, Christian O’Connor, Sincy Sebastian, Vanessa O’Shea, Janette Dempsey, CLLR Shirley O’Hara and Bronagh O’Rourke


Ciara Murray Fiona Jones Sandra Hayes

Chairperson Welcome Address (Declan Lonergan)

The Chairperson thanked all for coming to Newcastle Youth Club AGM and welcomed everyone. He thanked St Finian’s National School for allowing us to host our AGM at their premises. He gave notice that the AGM agenda will be posted on the youth club website and agreed that copies will be available on request through the Youth Club email

Secretary Address (Bronagh O’Rourke)

Previous AGM meeting minutes read and agreed

Events for this year to date

Halloween Disco 28th October 2022

Intergenerational night 17th November 2022

Regional conference 11th February 2023

Newcastle youth club 1st anniversary bingo night 3 rd March 2023

St Patrick’s Day Parade

Darkness into light 6th May

End of year disco 23 th June 2023

Bingo night as part of Community week 23rd August

Carlingford overnight trip 9 th 10th September 2023

Halloween Disco 27 th October

Newcastle youth club currently has 110 young people in the four clubs. With 33 volunteers at present.

Treasurers report (Yvonne Tougher)


Opening Balance 1,383 Old Club July 2022

€3,095 Carlinford Trip 2022

€2900 Ger old dormant Acc

€1000 Ger Account

€1,475 Halloween

Year 2022 Total: € 9,853

Year 2023

€530 Lodged 13th of January GAA Donation

€200 Sth Dublin Inclusion Fund 13/01/2023

€3,000 DDLETB 13/01/2023

€1,000 DDLETB Transport Grant 23/01/23

€750 DDLETB 10/02/2023

€275 Donation 13/06/2023 Folk group + €25 darkness into light

€200 Returned Decathlon 06/06/23

€1680 Cash lodged for Carlingford

€2000 lodged for carlinfgord 24/08/23

€198.44 back from Carlingoford

€900 lodged for bus to carlingford 08/09/23

€3000 DDLETB SP 09/10/2023

€200 from NLDT for community week

Web donations to date 28/11/23 €504.84

€1187.74 Summer Disco ticket sales

€212.50 emerald park refunded

€670.50 lodged from Halloween disco 23

€Halloween disco strip sales €1738.04

€150.82 calendar sales to date. 28/11/2023

Total: January 2023 up to 29/11/2023 18,397.88

Total in NFC Buisness account as of 28/11/2023



Year 2022

€3,300 Carlingford trip 18/08/2022 Leaders paid for x 4 included

€51.50 Present previous Volunteer 19/07/2022

€61.00 Present for YP 13/10/2022

€250.93 intergration night 18/11/2022

€89 Interflora flowers for bereaved V 21/11/22

€1000 Agreed money for xmas trips for groups x 4 Dec 22

Year 2022 Total: €4,75.43

Year 2023

€340 to pay out leaders who purchased items with own mneyreceipts Y,R6

€201.99 Foroige Regional Day 10/02/2023

€290 From Transport Grant Joint Senior Groups

€137.94 Apache Pizza 1st year anniversary

€380 1st year Anniversary

€1,896.50 Rent for hall x 4 groups April 12 2023

€100 24/04/2023 Darkness into Light €25 returned to account

€723.83 Sports equipment

€364 Home Appliance Cooker

€1870 Carlingford trip deposit

€130 Food for volunteers night 23/06/2023

€186 sweets for disco

€30 prices for disco 22/06/2023

€37.98 pizza for young people volunteering at disco

€69.88 flowers for Volunteer 13/07/2023

€900 bus to carlingford 12th of September

€2296 paid to Carlingford 30/09/2023

€73.50 Volunteers training evening

€200 to pay DJ for Disco 23/06/2023

€212.50 Emerald Park Halloween trip 06/11/23

€398 halloween sweets and prizes 2023

€110.89 Refund to Siobhan Kerr for bingo prizes 06/11/23

€32:00 owed to Bronagh for key cut

€1200 to NLDT rent for groups till December 2023

€210 to pay for DJ Halloween

€25.99 apache pizza for Young volunteers helping at disco

Total: Jan 2023 to the November 2023 12,417

****Pending €362 owed to Declan for storage boxes and web domain

Catering costs 2023 (Sinead McInerney)

Cost benefits to the club were outlined. Profits made on all events catered for. Young people are involved at the events with stock take and management of money. Young people also play a huge role in helping with the younger children who are attending the disco.

The importance of a Youth Club (Yvonne Tougher and Jody Garry)

The importance of a youth club in our community and that young people need and should have fun. The need for young people who may not be involved in sports to have somewhere to come and belong to and have someone check in with how they are.

Using Technology and improvements 2023 (Siobhan Kerr)

The Newcastle Youth Club website was set up in Match 2022 when the Club was first set up. It is one of our main communication tools along with WhatsApp and Facebook.

The website serves a number of functions as follows:

  • It is a record of our activities and events through posts and photos
  • There are individual Club contact pages allowing parents/guardians to submit expressions of interest
  • We have a Donation page for anyone who wishes to support our Youth Club and this is proving to be a successful way of raising funds
  • It is the medium through which we do online ticket sales which makes purchasing tickets for events cashless. It also allows easier tracking of sales and better accounting

Chairperson thank you address.

The Chairperson acknowledged the support received throughout the year to run the four clubs, taking the opportunity to thank everyone who has assisted us to date with their time and kind contributions. He listed a few supporters and contributors here but gave equal thanks to all mentioned or not.

Parents Thank you Address

Special thanks were given to all the parents and guardians who help us to keep the clubs active and support us with every request we made.

The Chairperson thanked companies and organizations who have supported the youth club. He also noted that the list is not complete and again thanked all for their support.

The Printed Image

Newcastle Folk Group

Price busters

Buzz Barbers

Bluebird StudiosParty city

JK Home Improvements

Spar Newcastle

Newcastle Hall Committee

Newcastle Tidy Towns

St. Finian’s GAA

St. Finian’s National School

South Dublin County Council

Foroige staff who were there to support us, especially Niamh Mahon who has given great support to our


Chairperson Volunteers Address

Thanks to our members for their time and dedication throughout the year. Acknowledgement for the positive atmosphere that keeps our club going. It was stated that March 2024 will be our second anniversary and how great that our clubs are thriving, and we look forward to another fantastic year.

Committee Members

The Chairperson thanked all current committee members and acknowledged the stepping down of Sinead McInerney and Jody Garry. He gave special thanks to Sinead and Jody for their great work throughout the year.

New Volunteers

The Chairperson gave special thanks to all the new volunteers and looked forward to working together to build better Youth Clubs.

The future Address

It was stated that next year’s goal was to keep recruiting new volunteers with the aim of setting up new clubs currently known as intermediate clubs. To improve the participation of young people in organising and running events. Move event payments online where possible for security and purchase tracking reasons.

Voting in new committee

Committee devolved Wednesday 29 the November 2023

Chairperson – Declan Lonergan

Vice Chairperson – Jody Garry

Treasurer – Yvonne Tougher

Secretary – Bronagh O’Rourke

Club Representatives-

Friday Junior – Jaime Fox

Friday Junior – Sinead McInerney

Friday Senior – Siobhan Kerr

Newcastle Youth Club new committee formed on Wednesday 29th November 2023

Chairperson – Declan Lonergan Nominated by Jaime Fox Seconded Yvonne Tougher

Vice- Chairperson – Yvonne Lonergan Nominated

Treasurer – Jaime Fox Nominated Yvonne Tougher

Secretary – Bronagh O’Rourke Nominated Jaime Fox Seconded Jody Garry

Club Representatives –

Friday Senior – Siobhan Kerr

Thursday Senior – Janette Dempsey

Friday Senior – Alpana Delaney

Special note of thanks to previous members

Special thanks to outgoing committee members Jody Garry (outgoing vice Chairperson) and Sinead McInerney (Outgoing committee member) for their huge contribution to the club since Newcastle Youth Club was established